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Two targets with different outcomes


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Just when you think you have gold hunting figured out you realize you have more to learn. These two nuggets were found on the last two trips 4.15 g and .38g .The smaller nugget  had a great signal with the first pass. As I started to dig it even sounded better. The target was wedged in bed rock about 10” deep. As I broke the bed rock apart I thought to myself finally I would find a nugget bigger than Terry, Dave, or Chris! These guys have all found nuggets over an ounce. I grabbed my radio and asked Dave to come over that I think I had found a big one. Thankfully he didn’t hear me because he would still be horse laughing me because it’s so small. My dig hole was now about 10-11” deep. I thought  surely I could hold the large nugget now because my detector was screaming. I decided to pick a few more times just to make sure the nugget was free , one more pass with the detector and now I heard nothing.What the heck, no target sound 1 1/2’ from my dig hole. Another larger sweep turned up the small nugget a couple feet from the hole. The caliche amplified the target sound.

I was fooled once before by a small piece of metal lying in a crack of a large quartz outcrop that sounded like a large piece of gold.

The larger nugget 4.15g sounded almost like a small hot rock almost like the back ground sound that the detector was making as I moved it back and forth while hunting. The small signal was barely detectable but faintly repeatable. Five minutes later the nugget was out of the hole and in my hand. As I chipped the caliche away away I was thinking about my last target all this work for a small piece of gold.My smile was a lot bigger with this nugget.


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Very nice finds Sonny. Congrats.

Ive had 3 pieces of gold do a reverse signal on me. So, dig em all.

Good luck.

Tom H.

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Sonny, I am fairly sure you checked the area, but, I have seen nuggets get knocked several feet away from where they were...

also, if you have a magnet on your pick the iron could have been in with the gold and is stuck on the pick...

I doubt that caliche could magnify except if there was iron or gold in it...but, I don't know much.


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Sonny, you missed more nuggets in the caliche, it wasnt amplifying, it was telling you there is more :D , bustin your balls dude !!! Nice find congrats !!!


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Nice ones Sonny and the character and "type" of nugget can really make a difference in signal.... The PI and ZVT technologies will really scream on a solid nugget and a crystalline nugget even if larger can give a much softer sound. 

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