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Finding Nuggets in Lost Basin


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Lost Basin isn't in the Lake Mead Recreation Area except for a few small areas west and north of Meadview. It's not on National Park land either. There is a lot of private land but the majority is public lands managed by the BLM. There is one small half section of State land just west of the Lone Jack Placer (on private land in Section 15).

Parts of the rec area north of Gold Basin are private land with good gold. You can still prospect private land with permission. Seems an eager prospector might approach one or two of those land owners. Just because it's on the other side of the fence doesn't always mean it's rec land. :yesss:

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Thanks for the input Clay.
When your driving the main road there is a pull off with designated marker and scenic overlook parking area/seems to be State or Fed ?  at Lost Basin area. SO I was wondering.
Have you ever been there in the areas II'm referring to ?
Always better to  err on the side of caution then end up with a chance encounter of impounded vehicle/equipment and a summons for a court date that's for darn sure.:112: 


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Jeff Williams has a claim in there.  It is my understanding that most of it is claimed up and current but there could be some open.

Clay has his Footprints you can buy that had all of the property lines.


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