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Well , I was out at Gold Basin on Sat.  There was some folks looking at the ground so I asked what they was looking for. I was told that one of them dropped a small nugget while showing it to the others.

I was then told no one had a detector with them at the time , so I got my Equinox out , set it up and in just a few sweeps I found the nugget.  So in a way I found my first nugget (had no idea where it was) but it was not really mine to keep.   Could say it is a start, I know the machine will do its' part , now I just got to do mine.

   The rest of the day I found plenty of .22 brass but no other gold . 

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Yer a GOOD MAN Charlie Brown !  :goodpost:
And I'm tellin you to consider it "yer" nugget because YOU detected it, AND some of us have really "GIVEN" small nuggets away to others throughout our careers and THATS exactly what you DID.
Congrats, I know its been like 4EVER for you and you finally did it !  :thumbsupanim
Keep Swingin
Hapy Huntn.

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The folks was visiting the area and the person showing the gold does not detect, but the did have some gold to show.....pickers or a little larger.

I would imagine one of the others around might have had a detector but mine was right close by so I grabbed it.

Wish I would have got a picture.....wait till I get a wild nugget , this one was already tamed  :4chsmu1:

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