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Hey you all I have a couple reasons for posting today.

1.  I would like to begin metal detecting for both coins and meteorites and would like your input on what would be the best metal detector (with good discrimination) for either.  Don't meteorites usually have both iron and nickel?  Is there a detector that can eliminate most everything other than a meteorite or is it hard to get past the iron content?

2.  I was wondering if you all could take a look at this heavy magnetic rock I found and give me some quick input before I cut it open.  The last pic shows a few bubbles which always made me think it was just slag or something.  Thoughts?  (edit: the random white spots you see are paint from being stored with a painted object)




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A frothy fusion crust should not be mistaken for vesicular matrix, with time and experience you can learn the difference.

The Fisher Gold Bug 2 is one of the best meteorite detectors, but I can't speak to it's ability for relic hunting. The iron in meteorites is what the detector sees, so your going to find everything with iron in it, there are no magic meteorite only machines. Really, though, the best detector is an educated eye. ;)

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