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Hydrothermal Gold Detection!


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The deposition process may have been Epithermal but the detection process was decidedly Hydrothermal for these two guys in their 30's who walked into A & B Prospecting Supplies in Mesa AZ, looked around for bit, then bought a  a book on how to file a mineral claim, and left without saying  anything.  A few days later, the same two guys went back to A & B Prospecting Supplies and bought a miners pick, a rock hammer, pry bar, mortar and pestle, 2 gold bar molds and again left without saying anything. Two months after that they returned. This time both men were noticeably overdressed, wearing heavy, baggy winter overcoats. They looked around the store briefly, making sure there were no customers hanging out anywhere, then, in front of the surprised store employee, began removing gold bars from their coat pockets and stacking  them on the counter.
 They two, (now talkative guys), said they were not prospectors and had no prior experience in hunting for gold.
 They proceeded to relate the following story: 
A few months before they had been out 4-wheeling and drinking beer in the desert back roads N/W of Phoenix and stopped to take a pee break. One of the guys hollered out to his friend, "Hey, this big rock I'm peeing on is turning yellow" His friend yelled back," "That's what happens when you pee on a rock, stupid! Both men laughed, and the first guy said, No no, really! Come look, the rock was covered with dirt when I started peeing on it and now it's turning yellow. Both guys stood looking and peeing on the rock for a few minutes  then decided to break off a chunk and have it tested, which they did. The result? 
They became $80,000 richer through the process of Hydrothermal Gold Detection! :)

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All I gotta say is glad they are richer !!!! woooohoooooooo:thumbsupanim


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