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Great Time at the Outing


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Had a great time at the outing, found lots more trash for my collection, learned  lot.

Minelabs test garden and the Gold Monster TRaining



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Good to meet you and glad you made it out.
Tom H.


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Hi Rick,

             It was good meeting you at the outing (good deal on the quad by the way, in my area it would have been about double what you said you got it for.) along with getting to put some faces to sign in names here on the forum. I also added some trash to my collection on Sunday while showing Art and his group from Pennsylvania the area  . Shep showed us a neat way to put a practice target in the ground with a minimal amount of disturbance to the ground for depth testing targets. Shep also helped some of the guys running woody's modified GPX's with how to tune the modification side. Got to meet Doc, Mike F, along with others. I also learned a lot by sitting in on the talking that Bill S., Doc, Kevin H., and Debbie (the minelab Rep) did after the hands on for the Goldmonster 1000 and Exquinox training that Rick has as the second photo in his post.

Hi Tom H. 

              It was good meeting you and your dad at the outing also.

Bill S. did a great job of putting on this years event, and I am sure that the ladies that attended also liked the porta potty being available.

Photo of the raffle after Saturdays dinner, with a good comedy act by Bill S. and Kevin H. as they announced the winners. (Art is the guy standing in the green shirt and talking to the guy on the left, who is sitting in the middle of the two red chairs that is on the left side of Tom H.'s Toyota) The second photo of shep's camp with the us and yellow flags proudly flying on the right of the red truck. The third photo with Doc's camp on the left and Bill S.'s in the center with the US and Minelab flags proudly flying. 

Jody B out of the East side of the Phoenix, AZ area. 




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