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November 2018 Outing Pictures

Mike Furness

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I hope you will all post some of your pictures here. I am going to start with one of my favorites taken Sunday morning as everyone is packing up ... even the kids enjoyed the spoils! :rolleyes::thumbsupanim It was a fitting end to a fabulous outing with the Nugget Shooter Family and our friends from the West Valley chapter!

NS Outing Nov 2018.jpg

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Mike: Yup...really great time this year. LOTS of people at the end.

We had a couple of guys come up from Tucson. We were able to get them/us over some gold and most of us got some yeller :ya:

Heres my pics. Trap door spider, came out of the wash to the top of the hill to walk back to the truck and got a shot of Anderson mill that no other nut would climb that high to get!... The two story saguaro, Little rattler that we relocated from out fire pit and good ol Dave cooking up some AWESOME chile verde.

Tom H.






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Well here is a few photo's that I took, 

Tom, you had to add the photo of the snake...… Just after I felt confident that with Max, Mike F.'s dog roaming around the main camp area that meant no rattlers was around. :(   That's bad when you have to put on the snake chaps just to start the camp fire for the night. LOL Good job on the gold, most of us got skunked.

Jody B.






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