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Going Micro with the Falcon


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I spent the day out with my new to detecting significant other yesterday going over some spots id previously found nuggets in.    I sent her out with the Falcon MD to get small while i searched slowly with the SDC.   Nothing nothing nothing.... and i could sense the slight frustration and doubts about the spot, the detector, or the whole idea of finding gold this way..:nutty:.     I said to her "the falcon is great and works you just need to find the right spot"   well after many spots and no luck we headed out..... and then i said hey lets stop at one more lil spot i found some dinks in last year...easy,  right next to the road.   I went over an area that  id been over before but with a little less overburden after the last rains.. nothin..    hhhmmm, i decided  id  scrape back a small one foot area and borrow the falcon for a few minutes, and voila! a tiny sparkly nugget!   That was all the proof she needed to see, and we pried up some clay and bedrock and and sat there for 45 minutes picking up piece after piece until it got dark.   I got to witness her first 5(!) detected nugglets...:yesss:  total joy!     funny thing is I detected that whole area with the SDC a few minutes prior.... hhhmmm..

IMG_2342 2.jpg

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I have seen stuff like this happen several times before. Probably some others have too. Not between a Falcon and an SDC but between different makes of VLF and even PI detectors. Something about scraping or digging around the surface and trying again can sometimes result in getting shallow gold in an area that had already been detected.

Nice gold and a great experience hunting together. Looks like you're stuck with her now, so you can forget about Superbowl Sunday!

 (Unless the Falcons are playing, maybe?) :)

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yow za!  That is a nice take.  Great job listening to the voice in your head! I wasn't aware the Falcon MD was that useful.  Good to know!

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18 hours ago, microsniper said:

funny thing is I detected that whole area with the SDC a few minutes prior.... hhhmmm..

Time to sell the SDC ..... 

Nice pieces of gold though !!  :brows:

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Yup, kicking away some dirt can be rewarding.  I think of it as getting closer to "timeline gold", i.e., over the longer span of time a division can be discerned between the daily, weekly, monthly regular surface disturbances and the harder, more durable under-layer that does not often get affected by the usual wind and rain events.  It is in the stuff beneath that timeline zone that one's odds of encountering the good stuff increase.  Congrats on persevering and taking some gilded prisoners.

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Went back to micro-ville and picked up a few more in the morning and i think we  cleaned the spot out. (yeah right)   I found the two bigger ones ( .48, .3g) with the sdc  (not selling now adam) in the first five minutes!  So funny, missed both of them after many times detecting this spot (3x15ft area), just goes to show ya never get it all...     Just for reference, this is right next to the road on a club claim, just sayin...


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On 11/6/2018 at 9:06 PM, Andyy said:

...I wasn't aware the Falcon MD was that useful.  Good to know!

They're a great little machine.. I wouldn't trade mine for anything (especially if it was operational at the moment, but that's another story..)

I imagine one would be especially useful to those who like to desert crevice; it can really get into places even the smallest of coils are unable this side of a skinny shaft mod..

Their worst drawback, which I can't call an actual problem, is how they react distance-to-size: The smaller a target's size the closer the Falcon needs to be to elicit a beep -- and also target-size-to-distance-away ratio for detection increases rapidly..

In other words and as an example: It's possible to miss small gold in a two-tiered rock formation at the bottom of a deep crevice a Falcon was able to worm its way between then on to to check out that let's say a Zed would be able to pick up through the entire mass.. But then again you're also comparing an at-one-time nearly $10,000 machine's capabilities against an twobuck-forty-nine$ one-trick-burro's..

However, if yer gonna bust rock n clean out that crevice regardless, a Falcon will tell you if there's gold or not prior to a time-consuming pan-down (which knowing most of us we're still gonna pan down anyhow..) All-in-all not a bad deal for the price difference..

And when it comes to detecting nugglets in known shallow locations or on bedrock that's been placered or naturally swept, a Falcon is simply another of the best -- just with smaller footprints is all..


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