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Original gold bug power issue

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I recently purchased a gold bug m scope. It was working great for a couple of weeks then all the sudden the power switch took a crap on me. That nice click it gives when you turn the switch is gone and it just spins smoothly. 

I baught the detector from an elderly lady who has had it for a long time and hasn’t used it in a while either because of back issues. I’m just assuming my frequent use of it after it sitting for a while in who knows what type of storage condition that I may have just worn out a piece of plastic or something inside. 

Is this common? Is there a way I can fix it myself? because I am jonesing to go beeping. 

Or should I see if I can send it back to fisher? 


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I think the best bet is to send it in, I would call Fisher first, they have a toll free Customer Service number and see if they still are able to repair it, e.g. have a switch that will work, or they maybe able to tell you how you can possibly repair it yourself.


Have a question regarding a Fisher Metal Detector – 
please fill out and submit the form below.

Or contact Fisher Customer Service at: 

Customer Service Representatives are available 
Monday through Friday, 
8:00am to 4:30pm, Mountain Standard Time.

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There is I believe a small set screw on the knob and some screws on the box-take it apart and look...you won't hurt it.

if it is simple fix it or send it in....


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