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Howdy Folks,

This weekend was a blast. Got a chance to hook up with Dolan Dave, Eric, Nate, Jim, Richard, Robbie, Roy and Cody for a weekend hunt at Mojave Mtn and Franconia.

Most showed up Friday mid-morning and we all linked up to hunt the North side of Franconia. I decided to take it easy and hunt Iron Alley. Working wide around to end up at the double tunnel, where everyone was parked. I scored 25 irons, with a few very cool surface features.

Upon the setting sun and hearing most leaving the field, I made my way back to the truck. As usual, I started swinging fast and not really paying any attention to where I was going. 

I ended up in an area I haven’t hunted before and it was a somewhat flat-wash area not thinking anything would be in this spot. Was I wrong!! Tucked up under a bush, sat this butt-ugly hot rock. Or at least I thought it was.

It’s been a while since I have hunted chondrites and sure enough, it was a nice Franny, just sitting there with my name on I guess. At first I kicked it out the way, and when I reswung the detector, and loud sounding, YES I’M A METEORITE it said. After careful inspection, I left the field with a whopper.

Back at camp that night Roy weighed it and it turned out to be 823 gr. or 1.8lbs. I was a happy camper that night. 

Saturday came and we hunted MM, but skunked out there, so a few of us headed back to Franconia very late in the afternoon. I scored a few more irons and called it another successful day. Sunday came and we hit a few other areas but ended early, sore and tired

All in all a great weekend with friends, and swapping stories, not to mention hunting for meteorites.

The meteorites are still out there but you just have to put the time and effort, relying on what your detector tells you.  

As always, Keep looking down. 















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