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Halloween Nuggets: Trick Or Treat?

Micro Nugget

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All three came close together from same area in the high desert of Southern California.  Two were treats (note hole in center of the 1.21g nugget).  The .41g smaller nugget has a pretty sharp point.  It was covered with caliche and only the tip of the pointy end could be discerned (after a quick spit wash).  The large one was a trick, covered entirely in caliche until it emerged from a CLR bath this morning.  Apparently the (rather robust) signal emanates from the tiny bit of ironstone encased inside the quartz.  I plan to "candle" it tonight to make sure it's not hiding something yeller.  All were recovered with a GPZ 7000 using the standard coil.


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Very nice!   People knock the GPZ, but it still has the widest nugget detecting range of any detector on the market.  By range I mean sub grain to deep monster nuggets.

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On 11/1/2018 at 2:11 PM, fredmason said:

nice gold, Martin...

I have found the tiniest bits of iron-stone that give a great signal, stay in the sorter and fool me every darn time...good luck on your "trick"...


have had them little chunks of iron stay with the gold when panning. soaked them in swimming pool acid and little specks of gold left. one chunk had ten pickers.

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