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Bucket-line dredge in operation + much more..

Swampstomper Al

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You'd never guess by the title.. Color silent film, shot in 1949.. Voice-over added decades later.. Originally produced to show investors the mining operation..

Basically shows a bucket-line dredge in operation, but oh-so-much more.. Also shows monitors in use, steam over-burden thawing, a bucket-line dredge "walking" under its own power, water diversion / storage / re-usage, part of a bi-monthly cleanup, amalgam separation, clearing the water feed channel & dredge pond of ice in spring, etc., etc..

Catch some of the very good but in places tilted dialog: Diverting blame for environmental situations.. Also careless amalgam handling -- ah, the good 'ol days: 


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On 10/29/2018 at 4:57 PM, GeoJack said:

Al! Welcome back. How ya doin?

Hey Bro.. Still pretty much the way they were as per our convo a couple months ago..

Since I've been back I've been tryin' to write a short sweet explanation to post about what went down with me during this past time-frame but it keeps turning into a rambling overview of "it sux getting old," that same thing many others here are also already all too familiar with..

I can nutshell what happened into a "straw that broke the camel's back" event though, and we'll just leave it at that for now, 10/fer..


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