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Would appreciate any ID-eas on what I have here ...

Context: Creek Side Sand Bar.  East/Central Iowa.  A lot of what we have here is glacial deposition/drift-till I believe...so most likely it was left and not formed here.  There were similar nodular specimens in the same area, with the same vesicular characteristics. 

Tests Performed: None.  I have not streaked, burned, SG'd, HCI'd or properly MOHS'd it yet...though I did use a scissor blade(because Im lazy and it was close)to scratch what appears to be a denser, perhaps more vitrified(?) portion, and they did not scratch it.

Hypothesis:  A volcanic spindle bomb

Initial Basis:  Shape, exterior texture...because internet said so...

Alt Hyps: Concretion, extraterrestrial, some dumb thing, petrified bread dough, coral fossil...

Thanks for looking.

~ jarl







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