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need clarification on state land

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Just got off the phone with AZ State land. According to them ALL state trust land ( These lands were designated to support essential public institutions, primarily public schools. State trust land managers lease and sell these lands to generate revenue for current and future designated beneficiaries) is off limits to any prospecting. BUT not all state land is closed to prospecting.

Can anyone help with this. Don't want any fines or worse.


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You need to define the State Trust lands Section you would like to prospect, make out an application, make a deposit and wait until you get a prospecting permit (or not) for that Section. You can learn more about that at their Website.

A lot of the State lands were formerly Stock Raising and Homestead lands that the State never obtained mineral rights too. Properly recorded and filed those lands are open to mining claim location without going through the whole prospecting/payment permit scheme.

As you found out the State land department is not very forthcoming about the possibilities but the person you spoke with was truthful if not very informative.

The basic rule of a happy life in Arizona is to keep your prospecting efforts off State Trust Lands until you learn a heck of a lot more about where and how you can legally prospect.

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