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I recently ran into a friend in his late 70's and over lunch, asked him if he knew of any old houses that I might detect for coins. He told me the following story: A few days ago, while walking along a freshly graded gravel road he had found an 1880's silver dollar buried vertically on edge, barely visible. After lunch, he showed me the spot in the road where he had found the silver dollar which was slightly down hill from an old collapsed/eroded adobe house that had been abandoned in the 1940's. He said when the man who lived in the house died, his family boarded up the door and windows, then returned to Mexico and never came back. A few years later, the roof and door frame of the house collapsed after a heavy rain, and my friend decided to see what was in the house. He was astonished to find shelving that had been cut into the interior sides of the adobe bricks, where several coffee cans filed with coins were stored. The cans had rusted out, the shelves eroded away, and  coins had spilled out onto the muddy floor. He filled his pockets with coins and ran off to spend his new found wealth.  He planned to return for more later, but the rain had caused another collapse and he couldn't get inside where the coins were.

 Quarters: 1909 1914 x 2    V Nickle: 1911  Wheaties 1917, 1919-D 1928-S 1929  Canadian 1 Cent: 1929

 Excavation Continuing.

adobe coins.PNG



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