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Jim Pangle, a long time prospector with his dad and general all around good guy passed away on October 15.  He was a veteran (a Marine I believe) and will be buried in Riverside National Cemetery on October 29th.

Jim might be better known to some of you as the guy who lived out north of Barstow for about 30 years in the house next to the goldfields and Coolgardie.  Our club PCSC has a couple of claims there and there are some other clubs in the area including GPAA. 

He had a great view of his area and he would always come out in his black truck for a visit.  The last few years that I knew him he enjoyed watching women's golf.

If any of you knew him and want to put up a little story or some other information please do so.


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Sadly Jim and I hadn't seen much of each other the last couple of years.  For several years I would try and get up to see him about 3 times a month.  I would haul a few bags of dog food up there every time I went and we would sit around a talk.   Jim had a pak  rottweilers, about 6-7 of them.  My kids and I would go out riding and prospecting with the GPAA. Jim had the uncanny ability to show up at our camp about 1 minute before every meal when we camped out there.  Jim had an opinion on everything.  During that period he was not connected to any source other then a radio. But somehow he was usually right up to date on everything going on in the news.    The funniest story he ever told me was one summer night, when he went to bed, he could hear a rattlesnake IN THE CABIN.  Needless to say he wasn't able to go to sleep with the visitor.  When he had enough he got his shotgun and in pitch darkness fired, inside the cabin, in the general direction of the noise.  He didn't know if he got it or not so he went outside and slept in the old yellow truck.   I am not a member of the PCSC but I know Jim was very proud of his honorary membership as he mentioned it at least a 100 times.  R.I.P. Jim

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On ‎10‎/‎20‎/‎2018 at 3:15 PM, mn90403 said:

I am grateful to find this thread on my friend Jim. I meet Jim 25 years ago during a visit to the desert. I and several others were introduced to Jim from a friend of his father. Jim was born in Costa Mesa, CA he served in U.S.M.C. during Vietnam and was combat wounded. Then every year after, a group of us would meet out in the desert 10 miles from Jim`s place for a camp out weekend. Prior to going we would e-mail Jim at his yahoo account and give him a heads up and invite him to join us. He would join us for breakfast and dinner every night. Back in 2007 he had this huge 150lb+ Rottweiler that would come with him. The dogs name was " BIG". The dog decided that he was not going home with Jim at 10pm and stayed in camp overnight. He was treated well by all. Jim was a good man. We all enjoyed many good times with him. Sadly and regretfully, 2018 was the first time we have missed both our spring and fall trips.

I have attached photos from our last visit on November 26, 2017.  For those that do not personally know him, Jim is the good looking guy in the straw hat.

Best wishes, Jim RIP semper -fi  from his long time buds originally from Orange County, CA,  but now some have re-deployed to other States like Arizona and  Hawaii.

Thanks for your posts!




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