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Coming to Arizona for winter!

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Hello There!

We are going to be Snowbirds this winter in the Phoenix area.

I hope to have lots of time for learning about the Wild West history, and am really interested in metal detecting for relics or gold.

I have watched the "Aussi Gold Hunters" TV series, and it struck me that some of the new metal detectors can make "old ground" workable again by finding deeper targets.

This has me thinking that this could be the time to get a new metal detector specific to finding gold,

I think there must be a big gold nugget with my name on it :)

I'm eager to check out the desert nature and enjoy the outdoors in Arizona, and meet new friends near our Arizona Snowbird Home!




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BuddyK ... First welcome to the forum! Glad you have joined the best forum in gold country! metal detecting is my personal specialty and I have been doing it for some time now ... others way longer than me. It is not easy finding gold even with the newest of the new detectors. Most gold is very small with a rarity of a as you say a "big gold nugget with my name on it" ... I have yet to find big gold but have found many small pieces and they all add up. Come to our outing in November and be sure to talk to Bill Southern or myself about finding gold with a detector.

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