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Man, did I ever find out how badly out of shape I'm in after pretty much just hanging out during our frying pan hot summer doing my "Honey Do List" chores. Well, the weather finally has dropped and yesterday I wanted to get out into the higher elevations before deer season opened up.  I managed to snag these four before I ran out of gas -- 2.12g all told, the largest one a hefty .74g.  No sooner did I get back home when the skies opened up and we were hit with around 2" at the house amidst a terrific "donnor und blitzen" show.  The trusty GPZ 7000 came through again...

2018-10-13 08.50.05.jpg

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Up near Big Bear Fred. The deer hunting season opened in Cali today and I wanted to avoid the risk of becoming a statistic.  I also noticed a typo: it's "donner und blitzen" (thunder and lightning).  We had some gully washers that have knocked out Route 62 east beyond Yucca Valley all morning long -- it may still be washed out.

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Since you mentioned being out of shape:

I, as some know, have been not-so-well, Jeff B and I went to Yuma on Wednesday...I was playing with my 800 and 6 inch coil.  I learned a few things...

1. I cannot get down and back up very well.

2. I passed on lots of signals because of #1

3. I would rather suffer with the GPZ than mess around with a six inch coil.

4. I have a long way to go...never give up!


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Nice finds! Yah, those first couple of times out after the summer are harder. But, we must work off our summer fat!
Congrats on the gold

Tom H.


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