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According to the attached news accounts in THE HUMBOLDT SUN , (a local Winnemucca newspaper),  On June 23, 1996 Terry Bone was in his 1981 Toyota pickup when he attempted to drive across an uncontrolled rail road crossing (Pronto crossing), off of Jungo RD West of Winnemuca, NV and was struck and killed by a Union Pacific cargo train. There were many unanswered questions surrounding the accident, and a great deal of opining about the cause of the accident among friends and forum members who knew T-Bone. (It was believed that he was following another vehicle while en-route to a Dozer "push" and perhaps his vision had been obscured by the dust trail from the vehicle in front of him)

 One thing is certain: It was an established fact that during his relatively short life as a full time professional nugget hunter, Terry found many pounds of gold nuggets, (not to mention the 27 1/2 oz one), and had a top notch reputation of being able to find gold. His name still comes up frequently, and reverently, whenever the subject of big nuggets or nugget hunting expertise is discussed.

R.I.P. Terry Bone. Nugget Hunter Extraordinaire! 



T-BONE WRECK (1).jpg


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Terry was one of the best early-day nuggetshooters. He was the only person I've known to pronounce "Jim" with two syllables. As in "How-dee Gee-um." We had some golden times together...HH Jim

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