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Cobble or a boulder; depends on the size.  Made of ?  Photo does not provide enough detail.

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There are two smaller ones in the photo. The spheres could definitely be concretions around a fossil of some sort. 

There are three spherical stones in an array of angular gravel. Two of the spheres in the photo seem to have a special surface on them that indicate concretion rather than rounding by mechanical means. The photo sucks but those are my observations. 

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38 minutes ago, clay said:

Fossils are mineral. I'm going with mineral.

Once again a technically correct answer while standing out in left field somewhere. You have a real talent with that Clay. :rolleyes:

I think the objective was to identify the rock rather than the taxonomic kingdom. But you have shown yourself to be very clever even if you refuse to take a swing at the actual question.  If that was the goal you have achieved it masterfully! :idunno:

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