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A Bunch of Prospecting Books - $15 shipped


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I'm cleaning up my library a bit. I was going to donate these to Goodwill but I figured someone here might actually appreciate them. Not interested in splitting them up. Send me $15 (PayPal or check is fine) to cover shipping and I'll ship them all together in a flat rate box. PM me if you want them! 


1. Strike it Rich! Treasure Hunting with a Metal Detector - Peggy Hardigree

2. How & Where to Prospect for Gold - Verne Ballantyne

3. Applied Gold Placer Exploration and Evaluation Techniques - Robin McCulloch, Bob Lewis

4. Finding Gold Nuggets II - Jimmy Sierra

5. Treasure Caches Can Be Found - Charles Garrett

6. Metal Detecting Gold - Mark Smith

7. Metal Detecting Bible - Brandon Niece

8. Buried Treasures of the American Southwest - Wendell Hall

9. Gold Diggers: Striking it Rich in the Klondike - Charlotte Gray


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