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IRON, GOLD, and ... Magic??

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This is what can happen when your brain gets overloaded with data and details of various detector types, struggling with a comparison of their features, and trying to decide which one to buy. While camped in the Bradshaw Mountains, I awoke early one morning, looked out of my camper window to the surreal snowy landscape and in the twilight of sleep, the following vignette flowed onto the page . . . 

This is a True Story about a Gallant Blue Knight, the Beautiful Gold Princess and the Wicked Iron King.

Once Upon a Time in a Land called the Iron Kingdom, The Beautiful Gold Princess was being held prisoner by the Wicked Iron King; an Evil Sorcerer who was jealous of the Princess's lustrous beauty. He kept her hidden in a rusty quartz dungeon deep beneath his mighty Bradshaw Castle. All the Knights of the Realm sought to find and Claim the Beautiful Gold Princess but their Prospects were in Vein. The White Knight, The Green Knight, and even the Fabled Black Knight were left powerless and unbalanced in the treacherous mineralized underworld of the Iron Kingdom.

One day, from a land down under, a Dauntless Blue Knight came to the Bradshaw Castle, swinging a wand with, seemingly, magical powers. The Gallant Blue Knight was determined to free the Beautiful Gold Princess from the bonds of her rusty restraints. The Wicked Iron King used his evil black sand sorcery to mask the Princess's beautiful golden voice, but the power of the Blue Knight's magic penetrated deep into the matrix of the Castle, and cancelled the din and static of the Iron King's Magnetic Minions.
The soft clear voice of the Beautiful Gold Princess then guided the Blue Knight to her rescue, and happily forever after, her shining beauty was admired by all through out the land.
Who said Fairy tales don't come true? Minelab. The next best thing to Magic!!

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