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How about this one?? (mineral mystery)

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Ok, so after dinner at a friends place in Idaho,  I get asked to identify this hunk of____________???    The only info I have about it is that it was givin to his father 20 years ago, and he lived in Nevada... I know not a lot to go on.   I cannot tell what the white is, it is fine grained rounded nodules, possibly quartz but doesnt look like any quartz iv seen under 10x magnification, harder and clearer than calcite.   The color varies from deep blue to clear, mostly opaque, waxy luster, some striation of lighter color in places.     It is very heavy.    Any ideas?




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39 minutes ago, microsniper said:

yes it does,  and has a similar cleavage(?) as obsidian.   The waxy luster and the fact that its so heavy for its size (sorry no weights and measures)...make me wonder.   it looks like its been dyed.

Looks like art glass they use for making decorative plates, dishes, bowls, etc.

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1 hour ago, Randall said:

Would glass have that white natural looking rind attached along with those striations? I can't really judge the size but could it possibly be a large piece of orthoclase or chrysocolla? 

I don't see anything natural looking about that "rind." There is no doubt in my mind that this is a chunk of glass. 

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