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The targets I dug today


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Eleven targets to be exact.  :head:

Had a few hours this morning, so I made a quick trip up the hill and once again visited the 'ol Thrashed and Hammered club claim.

I started off in a gully that I've worked thoroughly in the past.  It's narrow and steep on the sides and a lot of the dirt I've shoveled out, has made it's way back in via the monsoon storms.  I found a little rusty piece of tin and was getting ready to move on when I got a signal at the base of someone else's old throw pile.  It turned out to be a little skunk buster:yesss:  I poked around there for a few more minutes and then moved on so I could stop into another spot before I had to head home.

When I got to the other spot...   which has also been beat to death over the years....  I figured I would just take a walk and see if I could spot any 'changes' since I'd last been there.  Right off, I noticed someone had raked/moved some material into the center of the gully.  The material caused the water to flow to the left and had scrubbed the bedrock clean.  :4chsmu1: So I fired up the SDC again and went at it.  Turned out, there were no targets in the little run of exposed bedrock.  But when I reached the 'end', I found a signal up on the side where the bank material was sloughing off and into the gully.  A scrape with my pick and now crumbly bedrock was showing and the target was more pronounced.  I ended up finding three little dinks there in about the next 15 minutes.  I decided I would leave whatever might still be under the 'bank' for another time and went upstream to another area of bedrock that's been exposed for years.  It's the same location where I had my 'first 5 in one day' a couple years back.  I've been over this ground many times with different detectors.  Most of the loose material has been long ago washed away.  To my surprise, I got a clear signal on the bedrock over a little pocket that was about 3-4 inches deep.  After scraping out the gravels and blowing out the leaves and stuff, I was still getting a strong signal but wasn't seeing anything.  I picked up a little twig and started scraping along the cracks and then I saw it.  :party-smiley-027[1]:  Since I was already having a good day, I wasn't in such a hurry and decided to go back and grab my phone to take some in-situ pics.  It looked more obvious in person than it turned out in the picture.  Next time, I'll dribble some water on it so it will stand out a little more.

So after that, I had a few more minutes and I continued up another 15 feet and got another signal right in the gut of the gully.  That signal was actually three targets and they were all gold !! :ya:

I wasn't expecting much today.  Mostly just went to get out of the house and stretch my legs some.  It's been awhile since I've had an eight nugget day.  Looking forward to the next.  :D



The long skinny nugget is in the center of the above picture to the right of the little pebble and the shadow is pointing to it.


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Well Luke, Looks like ya had a very good day there,....Gold-wise.  Looks like those nuggets have traveled a bit.    I "almost" headed down that same direction today as well, as I haven't been down there since before all the monsoon rains this year.  I needed to get some gas from Costco, so I chose to hit a wash around the Lynx Lake area to see what changes had developed over the last couple of years.  The last time I was in this wash I had found this (pictured) one-sole-nugget, and have yet to find anything since,.:idunno:..."Drats" :grr01: ---I hate when that happens !!!  ..........And nothing changed for me there today either,.. just more lead slugs.  "Take-m-as-ya-find-m ! !"   Gary  


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Dang! WTG. Thats a great day for sure. :yesss:

Tom H.


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