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Recommendations for detector carry bag.

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2 hours ago, Rocky said:

Does anyone have a particular carry bag or case they love for the Gold bug 2 , and if you don't mind explain why please. Thank you all in advance!!

When I had a GB-2 I carried it in the regular Fisher bag, and just wrapped the box in a little extra padding. I saw a guy at Rye Patch once with a Minelab GP and a GB-2 laying on the open bed of a 1 ton truck barreling down the road over the wash board ruts with the detectors bouncing up and down. No case, no padding, no nothing. Didn't seem bothered about it. (yeah, I know. No brains either?)

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I take my detector boxes off the pole and put them in a shoulder bag. I use a little camera bag for the GB2. 

It makes them a lot easier to carry all day. It allows you to just throw the wand and coil on the ground when digging without worrying about the control box. And it keeps dust and dirt out of the box.

After several years of working above and below ground with the GB2 I don't carry it any other way. It eliminated the need for a carry case and protects the control box all the time. 

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