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So I am getting ready for work and into the room comes Tammy in cargo pants and detecting gear in hand :WOW: I gotta go to work I says, have a good day she says and off her and Bruno go on the buggy gold hunting. :grr01:

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She's still learnin'....    :idunno:

I wait until my wife has already left for work, then I load the truck.  :4chsmu1:

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Bill, you should have taught her to go to work, while you hunt gold...

Once, up in northern Cal I was hanging drywall in Quincy. The owner was a fellow prospector. His wife watched the store, kept house and did all things domestic. The real kicker came when we were outside. I picked up a diamond wedge for splitting wood and asked him how he liked it.

His reply, : I don't know man, ask the wife, I am not into splitting wood...……………………..


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