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The trustee to my family trust is burning me  .I will give written permission or whatever.you can take me if you want .the recording number is like ,20080102896 I think it's listed in mcgov.recorded docs under Lorraine e voita 2008 wardeeds there is a lot of them .the documents say she is deceased and she's not

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Alright, so you're giving us permission to hunt private property that you say sounds highly contested.  Hunting gold and relics on private property sounds like something someone has the right to call the sheriff over, possibly criminal trespass or felony trespass, and in the very least, sounds like I could get caught in the middle of a family feud all for answering a post on the internet.

If there's that much property involved, there's nothing wrong with going with an attorney.  For a trust and immediate family, you're owed something.  Conditions can be levied on that something.  Even if you're on the deed, it sounds as if you aren't alone on that deed; again, this road seems to lead nowhere good.

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If you shop around and have a good case, a lawyer will take this for commission only if you guys win.  Just need to shop around.  Advertising like this on an internet forum certainly is not helping your case though.  Sounds like you need someone familiar with estate law.

I'm certainly not a lawyer and can't help with what you need.

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This reminds me of a time I stopped at a yard sale just down the road from my home.  The lady had thirty six (36) five-gallon buckets filled with mechanic tools, all Snap On, everything a guy would ever want (well, almost everything).  Half a dozen of the buckets were filled with air tools, the rest with sockets, wrenches, and so on.  There was a sign on the garage wall, $5 per bucket or $100 for the lot.  I bought the whole mess without quibbling over price.  It was enough weight in tools to settle my old one-ton IH flatbed truck onto its overload springs, and then some.  Later that day I heard a lot of yelling from the direction of that house, and later a couple of State Trooper sirens, and after asking around very quietly the next day I learned that the lady and her husband had separated and she was dumping his worldly goods to exact revenge for whatever he'd done to set her off.  I tracked him down and sold him back his tools for what I'd paid.  Almost like in a good country song, his boat and a canoe and a couple of ATVs and a Jeep were gone for good, sold to another lucky (and maybe unscrupulous) buyer.  She was lucky the poor guy didn't kill her.  I try to never, ever get in the middle of a family squabble (Ha!  Old coward that I am, I even hide from my own family when someone turns up the thermostat). 

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