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Some gold on an ugly quarter

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I woke up early this morning and drove out to the desert to meet up with the 2 Toms.

We went to a place where a couple of claims had been dropped earlier this year and it turned out to be a good thing.  :thumbsupanim

'Younger Tom' and I walked up a gully for a distance and when it split, he went left and I went right.  After a couple hours and a couple dozen bullet fragments, I found a .22 bullet in some decaying bedrock on the side of the gully.  After retrieving my 'prize', I noticed the whitish grey material that seems to trend with the particular bedrock.  I've found gold in stuff like that before.  So I scraped the loose material down and exposed the decayed bedrock clay stuff.  Within a couple minutes I located a signal and had a little dink in the scoop.  :yesss::cowboypistol: 

So now...  :idea:   I know there's gold here.  :brows:    I started working my way out and around the area, carefully maneuvering the coil and also moving any loose material that prevented me from getting the coil to the soil.  After awhile, and a few feet to the east, I found a threshold warble.  The 'disturbance' was centered over what at first, looked like an iron stone, then it turned out to be a rotting mesquite tree root.  Once the root was relocated, the signal sharpened up quite a bit, and I was fairly certain it was going to be gold.  :arrowheadsmiley:

Tom also scored a nugget  in the other gully and now we've got a 'new' area to explore.

Good Times.






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38 minutes ago, Nugget Shooter said:

Very nice looking gold, good job guys! Oh and yep ugly quarter

Good ID, and investigative followup. Kaolin - Kaolinite?

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45 minutes ago, BMc said:

Good ID, and investigative followup. Kaolin - Kaolinite?

Thank you Mac. 

I looked up Kaolin and I'm going to say no.  The area is a slate/schist kind of place.


33 minutes ago, Patrick in Havasu said:

Great job you two.  How about Old Tom?

Thank you Patrick. 

No nuggets for OT this time around.  Next time...   :head:


28 minutes ago, fishing8046 said:

Very nice gold Luke wat to go. Quick question...How are the weeds out your way?

 I am having trouble finding the ground as of late, even the bedrock is growing summer grass.

Just curious? 

Thank you Bob. 

There was a lot of dying vegetation (grasses) that made it more difficult than it could have been.  Hopefully it will get better when it gets 'cold' out there.

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Well.here is my MASSIVE nugget I found.  Hey, beat the skunk that has been on me for the last 6 times out.  It was a inch deep in a little drainage. Man, I gridded/backtracked/Gain UP/ different timings.........could not find any of his buddies. What the heck..I found a little dinkster out in the middle of no where that no one else has found on well hunted grounds.  :) Mines one the left.  We did see a really cool old shack. 

Tom H.





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5 hours ago, adam said:

We don`t have the tall grass problems you guys deal with down south. 

Same goes for most of the Yucca Valley, CA surrounding environs.  There have not been the usual monsoonal summer showers hereabouts.  Even the goathead weeds are stressed and lacking in color.  But those Arizona nuggets sure show plenty of color.

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Awesome Job Guys!!  nice gold!

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6 hours ago, frank c said:

 Nice gold Luke an Tom's  !
I saw that pic of "Pops" and immediately thought of that ol song  ALLY OOP !
Pops looks tougher than a caveman haulin a big Club !
See you guys soon I hope !
Hapy Huntn.

Hey Frank, You're giving away your age if you can remember ALLY OOP.  He was a favorite of mine when I was a kid.   Pushing eighty five and those hills are starting to be a problem.  Knees giving out and I think that I am going to need some spare parts soon.  Still a lot of fun getting out with the youngsters.  

   Old Tom  :old: 

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19 hours ago, Idaho Jim said:

That's really nice. For you guys, it's old hat, but I'd be turning cartwheels!


Not really Jim. I still get excited when I find gold. Especially after a long skunk.

Tom H.


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