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The heat sure kicks in quick !

boulder dash and I set out to find some gold today. From dry washing a steep hillside, to placering for gold.


You can see how close we are to the top of the hill. Managed a few coarse pieces from 7 buckets of sample runs.


The dry washing was not going as good as we hoped, so we set out on a mission to find placer nuggets.

I found the ones on the lower, and boulder dashes are on top...Note the nice coarse hillside specimen beeped by boulder dash


Its out there folks ! 




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Nice stuff there you guys! WTG :worship:

Tom H.


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Man, ...are you guys wearing insulated-"frosted" suites to get thru that heat :desertsmile:down there??????  I thought I saw a refrigerator compressor sitting on the ground close-to your dry washer, but I didn't see any hook-up hoses. :200: You could probably also us one of those space suites like Michael J. Fox wore in "Back To The Future"  :laught16:

Nice looking rough gold there.   Gary

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Very Nice!!!  good job!

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