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I can see Fall from my house!

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Hi All,

I was sitting in the living room last evening and looking over my summers pile of maps and places to go and that lead to me getting out my Woody modded Nugget Sniffin' GP 3500 and getting it all ready to go which made the itch even worse :reading: It has been a long summer and though it has been fun chasing the local dinks from LSD etc. I am just wanting to get out with the PI into the deeper desert patches and new areas I have on the list. There is gold in those hills and I think I have some good solid leads for this season, but alas this weekend will not be cool enough for camping comfortably so will his some spots to our West this weekend in the morning hours once again...

Hope some of you get out and ya don't have the itch worse than I do :action-smiley-068[1]: almost as bad as chiggers.... Just a few more weeks and prime hunting weather for months!.

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Gonna bite the bullet and go out on Sun. Ive only been out about 3 times in the last few months. I am sooooooo ready for cooler weather.

Tom H.


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3 hours ago, LowPoint said:

You guys missed it,....it all happened yesterday,....fall hit yesterday.  Now it's back to the cursed heat for a month or two...

My calendar says that Fall will hit on Sunday.  It'll be a lot cooler then, so that's when I'm going.    :yesss:

   Old Tom

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I laughed out loud when you said you could see Fall from your house.  It reminded me of a story.

This probably would not be funny unless you knew my Doctor, Doctor Joe.  Now Dr. Joe is the nicest guy in the world, but he's a sort of serious type.  But over the years he has become a family friend.  He attended my boy's weddings, always asks about the family.

So a couple of years ago it is the Thursday before Easter.  I had an appointment with Dr. Joe to get a refill of my blood pressure medicine..  Dr. Joe says, I know you're Catholic, so with Easter being Sunday I suppose you and your family will be getting together.  Yes Joe, the whole family, we always get together every Sunday but of course Easter Sunday is a big deal because the grandchildren have to look for eggs and get Easter baskets, you know the drill.

He said, "Of course tomorrow is a rather sad solemn day because Friday is when Jesus died on the cross."  I was sort of shocked at how serious he was.  I mean he has never spoke much about religion.  "I said, that's true."  He went on, "I always liked that story about Jesus and the good thief, because it shows you it's never too late to make amends."  Without waiting for me to comment, he  proceeded. "You know, when the bad thief told Jesus if you are really the son of God then save us and yourself and get us down from these crosses.  But then the good thief said, "Lord we deserve this, but you did nothing wrong.  Lord remember me when you come into your kingdom.  And that is when Jesus said, "I say unto you, that from this day forward you will be with me in Paradise."  I was sort of stunned by Dr. Joe's knowledge.  I complimented him and said, "Wow, you sure know your bible."  Without missing a beat Dr. Joe continued, "And then that's when Jesus said to the good thief, "You know something else?  I can see your house from here!"

At which he busts out laughing, gives me a hug and says "Have a great Easter!" and walks out of the examination room still laughing to himself that he sucked me right in.

There is something hysterical about when someone who you think you know does or says something totally out of character.  It's like when I was in the fourth grade and I was coming back to the play ground from getting a drink of water.  Little Joey was playing the sympathy card crying to Sister Mary Hildegard about how the other boys wouldn't give him the basketball so he could try to make a basket.  So I am walking up behind Sister Mary Hildegard (she doesn't know I am there) as she says out loud to Joey, "I'm am not going to fight your battles get out there and keep playing if they see you are serious and quit crying they will probably want to play with you more.  Now run along.."  As Joey runs off, I heard Sister Mary Hildegard after she said "Now run along" sort of under her breath, clear as a bell she finished the sentence with,  "you whiny little bastard."  I couldn't help but get a good chuckle out of that.



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We dont have it all backwards, you have it all backwards. wait a minute, :89: its Australia that has it all backwards and upside down. 


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