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9 hours ago, BMc said:

Most, (perhaps not all), of the viewers recognized the above photograph and thread narrative as a spoof. Someone left a stuffed Bobcat, (as it's depicted), in the sand of Huntington Beach, Ca. in the 1980's. I have no idea how it got there or why. It's California folks. Go figure.

Surfer Bob enjoying a little California sunshine on the beach at high tide.


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I just spent the day at Chance City, finding an era correct Winchester 45-75 Centennial cartridge case and a WRA 44 WCF cartridge case interesting to find fired cartridges in the center of town.  As for choke chains, they have many uses other than leads.  Trappers use them to loop over the hind foot of a dead animal to hang them up to skin and hunters to loop around the neck of dead animal to drag them back to the truck.  Or like said it could have been left over bling from some things/ones dinner.

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