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That is one hell of a find!  Good job!  Will we see that hunt on youtubes later?


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Hey Bill,...."Cool" find.....  Based on what I can see, that is a Barber Quarter,  and based on my 2016 US Coin Digest, "IF" it is a 1914 "S" it has a value of around $139.00;...  otherwise it's worth around $8.75 (Depending on Condition of course).  About 5-or-so years ago I detected a 1927 D Barber Dime out in one of the washes around LSD;.didn't find any gold, just that dime..........I sold it a month ago on Ebay and got $86.00 from a collector;............YAHOO!!!  Gary 

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48 minutes ago, Nugget Shooter said:

Cool Gary, will look for a mint mark now and yes it will be on YouTube

UPDATE, no mint mark I can see....

"BUMMER !!!"...:grr01:.  That was the low-end of the possibility-value,..it just went UP from there for an "S" mint mark.

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31 minutes ago, LowPoint said:

 Au Seeker,....."SORRY", my mistake,......It was a 1923 S MERCURY DIME;.... "Not" a Barber Dime.............Had to go back and look at my Ebay account ..........Glad ya brought it to my attention.   Gary

No problem, if it had been a Barber with that date it would have been a counterfeit or a die error, either would most likely be worth more then what you got for it, I was just making sure so I could keep my knowledge base up to date.

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