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Went out to a wash today that I had not visited for at least two or three years,.. or so.  As I recall back when I had been down the wash it was heavily covered with overburden at least a couple of feet deep.  At that time there were a few (very few) spots of exposed bedrock at the surface of the wash, but nothing really worth (my time) getting excited about.  So, I didn't spend much time there, and found nothing (back then).  It was a whole different story today, as we had had some very good monsoon rains this year.  I found that the monsoon rains, along with their torrential flooding had literally removed from 2 ft. to around 3 ft. ( in some areas) of overburden from the wash, which exposed some very good looking bedrock to detect.  I find that it's most-always a good idea to recheck washes with some exposed bedrock after a very good monsoon season.  

Notice the picture(s) of the approx. 4"-round (river run) rock lodged on a shelf of vertical-solid-bedrock-bank( which is almost 3 ft. above the present wash level).  I didn't put it there guys..Honest...That flooding-water must have been just ripping down this wash.  

Although I did find a number of trash targets(as usual), I did manage to walk away with two nuggets having a total weight of: .39 of-a-gram.  And I'd say that it is a do-again-wash.  Gary   










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6 hours ago, OferAZ said:

Wow, that’s what Bedrock looks like ?


That's what Good Potential looks like :)


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