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Heat wave....


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Around 2:30 pm today, the rocks were to hot to pick up and look at them, and the shafts on my Minelab and Gold Bug II were to hot to carry any longer. A cow and I were standing way down in a ravine surrounded by hot sand and abundant radiant heat. The cow wanted some shade, and I agreed with her. I wondered what I was doing here as sweat beaded down my face into my sunglasses. I realized that meteorite hunting was not as easy as it looks, but I continued on. :black_knight_standing:

 Finally scratched out two tiny pieces of gold with the Fisher before calling it quits. :yesss:



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ha ha.... Adam.  It sounds like you were in the sun too long when you wrote this.  Take care of yourself, bud.  Another week or so it should cool down 10 degrees or so and you can spend more time with your cow. :laught16:

And as always, sweet job on the nuggies!

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Even reading this made me feel miserable!!  Good gold at least.


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On 9/16/2018 at 7:51 PM, Desertpilot said:

Keep it up Adam you’ll find a meteorite someday

Thanks !  I`ve been looking in burned areas where the meteor impacted while it was on fire . It makes sense to just look in those burned areas in the forest. I also only look on the southern facing slopes because most meteors fall from south to north therefore impacting the southern slopes first. Also irons are attracted to magnetic north thats why I search north of wherever im standing.

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2 hours ago, adam said:

How did you know me was looking in that area? Me told no one.  You work for the Government?   Me going to get off this forum.

Me works against the government, you're safe Adam.

The fall rocks left for seed are steep slopes, be careful.

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