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Whites GMT vs MineLabs Gold Monster 1000

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I wanted to get everyones opinion in both of these VLF detectors. Personally, I have been a whites owner for over 15 years and have had many models. Currently I own the GMT and the TreasurePro, both great machines and performing very well. I have always wanted a Minelab detector but we're too expensive for the decent ones and finally the GM 1000 comes out and "seems" like the right fit. I have often been told to not buy MineLabs for the states because of the mineralization here and was also told that those machines were optimized for Aussie soil. So I've always stuck with that but never gave that advice to anyone because I was never sure. Another reason I have avoided MineLabs is because I can't seem to find anywhere to detect in Apple Valley, California ,does anyone have any suggestions on where to go locally here? My health doesn't allow my to venture very far but I live to detect! So please any feedback and opinions would be valued and weighed.

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I would suggest talking to Bill Southern and asking him . 

he will give ya the straight info with no bull...…...ya might want to watch some of his youtube videos that has the Monster finding gold...

Another big question is, what do ya hunt, just gold or coins and relics too....I have had a GMT and the Gold Monster....for gold the Monster is very sensitive.

I use a Equinox 800 right now as to the fact that I like to coin hunt too....

Like I said, Ask Bill Southern......he can answer your questions.


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On 9/20/2018 at 7:53 AM, Nugget Shooter said:

All the detectors you mentioned are very good ones and for gold hunting only I would go with the GM 1000 without a doubt. Give a call if you want to talk about the differences 6239100345

Have you compared the GM1000's tracking against that of the GM24K?  The GM1000's auto tracking system apparently performs quite well, but the GM24K has the new XGB tracking system (over the GMT), and also has nifty manual features such as lock and drag.

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