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 I’m new to the group and also to meteorite hunting. While I am fairly well read into hunting techniques, equipment, identification and such, I am completely a novice at going out into the field to hunt. That being said I’m on temporary duty assignment in Albuquerque, NM and I plan on taking full advantage of my weekends off to go hunt some rocks before I return to the meteorite absent state of Florida :)  I understand people are hush hush about sites they had success and for $$good reasons but I do plan to check out Glorieta (legally), Correo (if I can get more info), and possibly drive out to try my luck at Franconia as well. I’m strictly in this for a hobby and have no intention of selling any finds so if If anyone has the time and would like to join me PM me. Weekends is when I’m free! Any other locations you gents can suggest I’d be thoroughly grateful! 




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Hey DT13!


You can get exact locations for Correo in the book "Rocks from Space" by O. Richard Norton. Correo is really hammered and mets are super difficult to find but it is only a few minutes away from you. 

My suggestion for a novice is Holbrook. Anyone can find a met there. And it is not too far down the road from you either. 

Lots of areas in the eastern part of NM to hunt. The surface of the ground is millions of years old. A bunch of mets have been found there and it is second only to Antarctica and the African deserts for meteorite recovery. I highly suggest a trip down to Jal. You can find mets in those blowouts fairly easily if you know what to look for. Just over the Manzanos in the Estancia Valley is a likely spot too. Look in the MetBul and read up on the Willard meteorite. If you want to hunt that one I will go with you and provide some good info. 

I will be hunting in the southern part of the state after Christmas and you are welcome to come along if you would like to do that.

Forget Glorieta. You are not going to have any luck getting permission nor are you goin to have luck on ground that does not require permission. I have hunted there for years and that is my honest and best advice. Of course if you have your heart set on hunting there then go ahead and tackle it.

When you get tired of the frustration I can tell you some really good spots in the area to eat, hunt, fish and hike. Turkey season is here and I can tell you right where to get a nice gobbler. You can have a heck of a time in the Sangre De Christos and there is a lot to offer a guy who likes the outdoors.

Spending your time trying to find a Glorieta is not going to be a good use of your spare time unless someone has told you right where to start looking and given you permission to hunt. Ask yourself honestly if you have enough info to determine a location to actually put the coil on the ground. Otherwise my suggestion is to go up toward Iron Gate or Jack's Creek and listen to the bull elk bugling and shoot a few grouse.

If you want to get together and hunt just PM me. I am in your area often and would love to get together and chew the fat over a cup of coffee or a plate of tacos somewhere. 



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Hey DT13!

If you want to learn a little about New Mexico history while you are here why don't you have a crack at the Treasure Hunt?

I will be posting some links soon about a famous train robbery and subsequent jailbreak that happened in 1883.

And there is a link there to a great story a forum member told us. He was raised just a few miles from the site of the robbery on a remote ranch. His Grandpa told him about a train robbery and a battle between outlaws and soldiers. He says the outlaws died in a battle on a nearby hill. He even had an old cavalry cap and a pistol to show for it. Something definitely happened on that hill and he has a spot picked out and is ready to begin his search!

If you want to research the stories and guess where the stolen train loot wound up you could win! I put up a nice little nugget as a prize. So you could get your first sweet New Mexico find by reading a few articles on the robbery and taking a guess. It might be a fun way to spend an afternoon and you could win a tiny gold nugget!

See ya!


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I second the Holbrook recommendation (it's also 4 hours closer to NM than Franconia), however know that the location in the MetBul is wrong.  If you need directions shoot me a PM.  I would recommend against Franconia at this time of year as well, I believe it's still scorching temperatures out there, although it may be cooling off.

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