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In the late '90's an Arizona couple were driving through the area on a Friday afternoon and decided to visit the old mining boom town of Murray, ID. They happened to be Nuggetshooters and, of course, had their detectors with them. They marveled and drooled at the miles of tailing piles. They saw State Highway trucks repeatedly hauling the tailing piles of gravel to a new road construction zone where a Road Roller was flattening the rocks out in anticipation of asphalt being applied the following Monday. They detected the roadway over the weekend and found Ounce's of large nuggets.!

When I was there working the tailing piles, a couple of years later, I visited a pawn shop that had several of the nuggets on display. The largest I saw was round (since it had been flattened) weighed 3-4 oz., maybe more,  and was about 3 inches in diameter. It looked to be 1/4 of an inch thick. A large gold medallion. It was beautiful. My tailing pile detecting wasn't very successful because, although I got plenty of good signals, there was no way to shore up the dig holes and when I got down about a foot and a half, it would cave in and you would have to start all over. I dug a few shallow rusty bolts and nuts before finally moving on. So close, yet so far away . . .



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Very nifty for sure!!

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