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These days, instead of going deer hunting in the coolness of the fall and winter like I used to, now I hook up the ATV and head out to the warmer climes of AZ to explore and prospect for gold. That's strenuous enough to suit me and there's still the challenge and excitement of the hunt. The buck in the photo was taken in the winter of 1977 on a special access drawing hunt on the White Sands Missile Range East, N/E of Las Cruces, NM. The snow had brought the deer down to lower elevations which was fortuitous due to the rocky and in some places almost inaccessible terrain in the Organ Mts, (photo) and the San Andres Mts., a little farther North.



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The most beautiful spot in the world. The Mesilla Valley!

Yeah, we hunted Salinas Peak a few times. And we did the western foothills of the Organs every chance we could draw a tag. Back in those days there were almost no elk in the state and very few deer. But those hunts on land controlled by WSMR/WSTF and FT. Bliss always had good populations of big deer.

About that same year I was at Salinas Peak with my older cousin. He shot a monster "14 point" (or seven on each side) buck that year. Pinche deer flies ate it all to heck walking it out of there. It must have been 90 degrees. But that rascal was big.

Lots of nice deer throughout the basin and range country these days. There are whopper racks all over the area and in every basin and range in the south. The pronghorn are everywhere too, and the javelina are so thick you cant let the dog run. Back in '77 that existed on a very limited basis. 

….If we had some water to fill the lake and make the river flow just a little year round we would have a sportsman's paradise here!

Great post buddy! 

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