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Took the Equinox Out for a Walk

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I took my Equinox out for a walk today, did pretty good, well for me anyway...found an interesting earing and an old ring, might be silver....a few coins and other junk(treasures)

ear ring.JPG


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That is a good amount of interesting targets in a days hunt! Looks like you are hitting a pretty good spot for newer coins.

The fish must have quit biting? Or can you swing that detector with one hand and set a hook with the other?

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Bullhead City...What a place to treasure hunt!

Have you ever done any of the casino's sweepings from that big vaccum they drive around? Find where they dump that riding vacuum and you will find real goodies brother. 

I used to do the mall back when people went to the mall. They dumped the dust bin out by the dumpsters. The whole hillside sparkled with earwires, lost stones, costume jewelry and all sorts of stuff lost from pockets. 

You can do the cracks in the sidewalks anywhere the ladies are getting drunk and dressed up and hit some valuable stuff. Just raking out the joints in the concrete sidewalk in certain places can be pretty exciting!

I would love to prospect that place. Between the river areas and all the carpeted casinos I bet a prospector could find some stuff man!

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