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I never owned a Colt Trooper but I did get a chance to shoot a few rounds thru one during a very interesting encounter with a New Mexico State Policeman during a traffic stop! That  sounds kind of ominous at first, but it was really a fun learning experience that left a lasting impression on me. In June of 1966, I had just turned 19 yrs of age. Too young to legally drink beer in NM, but like many underage teenagers who seemed to know where to go to buy beer, me and my screwball buddy were no exception, and of course, undeterred by any age technicality. It was a summer of Beach Boys music, Hot Rods and Muscle cars, and joyous visions of suntanned Bikini clad Sea Nymphs rollerskating along the Santa Monica boardwalk . . .

In Southern NM, being mostly desert, we had plenty of beach, (not much water) and a few fast cars, but were critically short on the remaining factors necessary for a happy existence, including cold beer which was considered our most urgent and immediate need as we left the city limits on our way to SUNNY CALIFORNIA! Our first stop was to stock up on enough said cold beer to at least get us to the next town. As we drove away from the convenience store with two cold sixers,  a black and white State Police car pulled in, took one look at us and u'ed behind us. Dang! This was not good. Before he hit us with the reds, I managed to stuff one six pack under the seat and left the other in the bag in plain sight.

Sometimes you have to give a little to get a little . . .

About 3 miles down Interstate 10 he pulled us over and set the 6 beer cans on the trunk of my buddy's non-descript Nova rag top.  We assumed he was going to have us pour them out as was the customary practice. Instead, he walked over to the fence line, set one on top of a post, came back to where we were standing, then very coolly drew his Colt Trooper .357 Magnum and blew the brew right off the wooden fence post! We were aghast at the wasted beer but excited at the spectacle of exploding foam at the same time! After my buddy begged and pleaded for him to let us give it a try, the Trooper relented, and as we took turns shooting beer off the post, (while he was standing close behind us), he gave us lessons in sight picture, and trigger squeeze; all the while extolling the virtues of the Colt Trooper .357 Magnum. Wow! We thought that was so cool!

After we had thanked him and went on our way, (drinking the now warmish, putrid tasting Oly beer from under the seat) we continued our adventurous trip to the Golden State for an endless summer which actually exceeded our imaginative preconceived fantasy's.

Although I never shot another Trooper and I darn sure never drank another Olympia Beer. (It IS the Water), STUMP WATER! Yecch!, . . . I never forgot the powerful object lesson I learned that day: NEVER, EVER, GIVE YOUR LOADED GUN TO SOMEBODY YOU DON'T KNOW!!!


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You bought beer at a convenience store in Southern New Mexico when you were a kid? Or did you go to a dive through window back then?

It certainly was a different time and place back then! And New Mexico was a great place to grow up. Plenty of life based experiences!

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