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Help Identifying this rock


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You cant see much detail. It appears to have a granular texture and some green constituents. I am going to call it a granite. 

The shape is tumbled. It appears to be water worn. It could be some sort of a volcanic nodule shaped like that though.

Green minerals are special. They are fairly rare as far as minerals go. So that means something. If we had more info it would help. 

Minerals (and rocks) are identified by their physical characteristics. Color, hardness, crystal shape, weight, cleavage, etc. We just don't know much about this dark mystery except its overall shape and that it has some green sprinkled in there. 

It is an interesting rock and I would pick it up too. Where was it found? What makes you think it might be special? 


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Just strictly going by size, shape and texture it could have possibly been used by native Americans as a grinding type tool... or it could be just a natural water-worn geofact created by mother nature?? I would have certainly picked it up also :>) Nice paperweight if nothing else!

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