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Eye Popping Gold Discovery !!


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On 9/10/2018 at 8:34 AM, Dakota Slim said:

Wow. :wee:

500 metres below the surface. I think we need better beepers. :black_knight_standing:


5 hours ago, Relichunter2016 said:

No doubt!! 

The BIG problem with a deeper beeper that will go that deep is once you get a signal that "might" be gold then you have to dig the target and that is a big hole to dig even if it turns out to be gold!! :Diggin_a_hole: :th:

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lol....yes for sure....digging deep holes is a pain..I have spent an hour on a  few only to find....you guessed it....boorb  trash. But as you all well know when your beepin in grounds that have produced gold nuggets....you got to dig them all...cause of the what if scenario..:ya:.  For me living close to the gold fields its a process of elimination....eventually the yellow will show itself. 

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