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All - I thought I would share an idea on carrying your gold monster.  This is more for those of you that hike very far before you are ready to detect, or maybe you already have your hands full with another detector like a GPX or GPZ.  It is not an original idea but one I saw recently for carry spare fishing poles.  I recently tried it on a night hunt and really liked how it handled.  It allowed me to use my GPZ and then switch to my GM1000 when I hit the bedrock.  A major caveat is that I have converted my GPZ to telescoping rods, but I think the idea might still be useful for some people.

For starters, this is for people who have made their own stand with PVC pipe fittings.  you simply remove the elbow at the end of the stand so that you have a straight piece at the end.  This is key, because the first contact point is low on your Camelpak (or other backpack). 

For this low contact point, you need a zip tie or similar method to make a loop.  This is where you put the pole end of the GM1000, then you swing it over your shoulder and hook it to a caribiner that is latched to a high point of the backpack, typically the carrying handle.  I used a caribiner but you could sew a velcro loop on there with back pack clips.  There are many ways of doing this.  Whichever way you choose, don't forget to bring the stand with you :)





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Here is one more to show the bottom loop connection.  The point of all of this is to be able to put the GM on and off without taking off the backpack.


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13 hours ago, adam said:

Great idea !  And that GM1000 is one hot detector.  :black_knight_standing:

thanks Adam.  I do really like the GM1000.  Bill described it best I think. It is just a fun detector all around.

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