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Hello all

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I’m totally new to this sport... so new in fact, I don’t even know what I don’t know... about a year ago, I inherited a WHITE DFX detector, along with several different size coils. I played around with it for a few days then stuck it in a closet and forgot about it...

I pulled it out over the weekend, and we’ll... here I am... I would like to learn to use it... my question is, is there a local (Boulder City area) group or business, where I could learn the basics. Is there any one book worth reading, to get me started?

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Chuck in Boulder City 

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Welcome to the group, you might check with the GPAA chapter in Vegas or the GSSN gold club in Vegas....the DFX is a per say coin machine, there are lots of videos on line too to watch

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As azdigger noted, the DFX is not a good nuggetshooter. Multi-frequency, and low khz single-frequency VLF machines, just can't see raw gold, especially small pickers. Look at VLF machines that run at least 17khz. Bill sells the new Minelab 1000 "Goldmonster," which operates at 45khz, and costs about $800.00 

Look up the clubs in your area, and check out the machines they are running - Good Luck and Big Gold!:thumbsupanim

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Chuck   The comments above are dead on.,   I used a DFX for years coin hunting and only recently sold it as I upgraded to the Equinox 800 for coins.   I found a lot of coins and jewelry with the DFX   If you are not sure of what you want to do ---learn the DFX as a coin machine by going to local parks and schools and then  you will know if you want to nugget hunt.  If you want to  start nugget hunting then talk to Bill and get a better machine.  I started out coin hunting and quickly went to nugget hunting with my first machine a Gold Bug 2   I would recomment a minelab as they seem to be the best bang for youir buck.  Every Minelab I have used paid for itself...........Enjoy the forum, learn and ask questions.  Look for a local detecting club in your area.

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Chuck ... Welcome to the forum. As you have already seen we are all here ready to help in any way they can. Great and diverse family of prospectors at all experience levels and disciplines.

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