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Any oppinions on this ?

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I will be the first to admit that I am no expert when it comes to meteorites.

I have sent in over 30 that turned out to be meteor wrong and only one that turned out to be meteorite. I found this one not detecting but in the bottom of a box at a estate sale.

The box was full of Obsidian and being a very accomplished flint worker I can not pass on a good deal of Obsidian that we call Candy, as it works like candy glass when making arrow heads, knives or spear tips. I can say with certain the obsidian is north American and likely from the California Desert. Yes we can tell the difference between locations and sources. Any way at the bottom of the box covered in Desert Betanite  and sand I found the Rock Hound that filled the box also picked these up. They fit together like a puzzle and I polished and etched some surface. just to see it under the lamp. Any one know what it is?










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I am noticing a trend in how quickly people write off potential meteorites... Based on every textbook I've been able to find, all literature on the subject  it becomes clear that without chemical analysis or at least a slice under microscope it is silly to make "definite" statements --  

ie. You'll find that most people will simply tell you its not a meteorite as they are playing the odds..  A good way to get a laugh is to post a picture of what you know to be meteorite material and watch 99% of people tell you its junk

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Can we get some photos with proper lighting? The poor lighting in some of these photos makes it look like azurite with malachite, and other photos make it clear there are neither of those minerals in the specimens.

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