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Recently a topic was removed from this forum section at the request of the OP, the topic was a "hot" topic, those of you who were following the topic should know which topic I'm referring too.

I felt that the members who participated in or was following the topic deserved a brief explanation.

The subject matter of the topic it seems was posted widely on the internet and as such responses will widely vary, such responses as we all know will be good and bad no matter how valid, as in this case the subject matter was confirmed as a meteorite.

The bad responses it seems as is common on the internet were to the point of being harassing to the OP and his family that it was decided to try and remove as much referrence from the internet ASAP to protect them from any more of the harassment it has caused up to this point.

Also when it was first posted some of the discussion focused on the possible value if it were confirmed to be a meteorite, this direction of discussion can tend to drive down the value of what is considered to be a rare and valuable specimen. 

The OP has said he would come back and breifly update us as to the outcome of his find at such a date that things have calmed down to the degree that he and his family deems it a good time to do so.

That all being said I have locked this topic so any replies will not bring any more attention to the OP and his family and I ask that in respect to the OP and his family that all members refrain from mentioning the topic and subject matter on the rest of the forum for the time being.

Thanks for your understanding his request and please respect his privacy at the present time!


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