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I'm sure you guys have seen this before, but I picked this up yesterday cause I thought it was cool how the black had grown in between and around the crystals. Broke it accidentally when I split the rock, but now I can really see the shape it took around the quartz.









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Very nice specimen you collected, well done!  My guess is that you have Quartz with Rutile, or Illmenite or maybe Magnetite.  See if it is attracted to a magnet; if not, then it could be one of the first two choices.

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" Not magnetic, has a reddish brown streak."  sounds like Illmanite;  would need to do a chemical test for titanium & iron to know for sure.  The observed Pyrite would account for the yellow staining of the sample.

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On 9/4/2018 at 7:15 PM, adam said:

Looks like some kind of pseudomorph sp?   like limonite after pyrite or something.

I am inclined to go with this, reddish brown streak? is likely Hematite?... Beautiful specimen

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