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Minelab Equinox 800 (Tips and help)

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So I wanted to start this so that everything could be in one place when looking for help on the Equinox 800.

I'm new to using any type of metal detector. I've only been at this for about four weeks with the Equinox 800.

I'm only hunting in parks around my house. I'm finding coins and junk all the time.

First tip I will give is get a good pin pointer. Helps with quicker recovery. So you can get to the next target quicker.

Second is dig all your targets. What I have found is sometimes I think I'm going to dig up junk, it actually been a coin.

So settings that I've been using is Park 1.

The only thing I change from the factory settings is the sensitivity.  I take this right up to 25, then back it down so that it runs smoothly.

The first thing I do after turning the detector on is Noise Cancel followed by Ground Balance.

I use the Auto Ground Balance then the Tracking Ground Balance.

This works best for me as I am new to all of this.

There might be better ways than what I've said, so I'm happy to listen to any advice and give it a go.

Thanks Victor.


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Watch the videos on you tube that NuggetShooter has made about the Equinox....VERY IMFORMATIVE

Ya can't go wrong with any of his videos but the ones on the Equinox are  Great.

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