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Coarse Nuggets !


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Boulder dash and I got out for a few hours today hunting for a new patch. Boulder dash may be onto something. He scored a few very coarse fresh gold specimens...The search continues :200:

I got the skunk, but here`s Boulder dash`s take..

IMG_1432.JPGres one

Up in the mountains I noticed there was not a moon, so I took a few photos...Here is one.


There is gold out there folks...:brows:



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Congrats to Boulder Dash for the great gold finds and to Adam for great photos, as usual! Looking at that night sky, I couldn't help but wonder how many (if any), of those twinkling stars could possibly be disguising something else? 

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Driving home from Chino Valley Saturday night, Mars was especially brilliant and the stars were awesome around Skull Valley!!! Beautiful! ...And those nuggets will look great cleaned up ... Cheers, Unc


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Man, those are some nice ones!

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