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My John McCain Story

Terry Soloman

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In early 1985, I was the father of four small children, working a full-time job at W.L. Gore & Associates, in Phoenix, a part time job at night at a Self-Serve Gas Station on 27th Avenue, across the street from my apartment, and carrying a full load of night and weekend classes at Arizona State in Tempe.

The VA was really screwing up my school, book, and transportation checks, with some of them just never showing up. After getting the wife and kids another healthy dinner, then going to work and eating another can of Chef-boy-arr-whatever (because I could buy it and still have enough for gas to get to work and school), I got upset.

The next day I called Congressman McCain’s office, and explained my situation to one of his aides. She took my information and assured me the Congressman would see it. I’m not sure what I expected Congressman McCain to do, but I felt like I had done something to try and save myself from having to choose work, or school.

Two-days later, my wife told me Congressman McCain’s office had called to tell me he had seen my information and had corrected the “miscommunication.” that had led to, “the irregularities.” The next day three government checks were in my mailbox, along with a letter from the Congressman.

That’s my Senator John McCain story. I didn’t agree with him at times, but I always respected him, and was thankful for his love of fellow veterans. Rest in peace.

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Well, I can't really relate to the John McCain main theme of this story, but what caught my eye was that you had worked for W. L  Gore & Associates,...."small world",...  I also had worked for them, only up in Flagstaff, and around the same time period.  I worked in the machine shop and did cost accounting for all of the parts and materials used in the manufacture of their various projects.  I only stayed with them for a couple of years because the pay wasn't as good as working heavy construction.  Gary

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I served under the command of his father, Vice Admiral John McCain during the Cuban missile crisis in 1962.  My uncle was a crewman aboard the O-8 in the 1930s when his father was it's commanding officer (in those days many subs had no names, just numbers).  I have nothing but the highest regard and respect for the McCain family and for John McCain in particular.  His daughter, Meghan, judging from her passionate eulogy obviously inherited his fiery temperament.  Men of substance such as he are rare.  And, yes, he will be sorely missed.

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I've followed John mcCain for quite awhile sinçe I  lived in Arizona for a number years. He was a man who had my admiration and respect. And unlike someone we all know, he wasn't a habitual liar. 

R.I.P John McCain.

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